Content Vol. 4 N 5, 2018

Pages 65 - 86

Inventory Routing Problem as Variant of Vehicle Routing Problem; Noufissa Cheikh, Mohamed El Merouani; Inter. J. Acad. Stud.; 4(5):(2018)65-86

Integrating inventory control and distribution decisions poses a challenging problem for producers who try to optimize their supply chain successfully. Inventory Routing Problem, which is an NP-hard problem that appeared for more than thirty years, is a variant of the Vehicle Routing Problem that adds a problem of inventory management. The present article will be as a reference for the researchers who work on the Inventory Routing Problem (IRP), it presents the variants of VRP and IRP and the associated literature review. Indeed, the concrete problem (IRP) is describing by presenting its positioning between the variants of the vehicle routing (VRP) over time, and by giving the variants and the main types.

Key words:
Inventory Routing Problem, Vehicle Routing Problem, Inventory Management, overview.

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