Content Vol. 3 N 11, 2017

Pages 227 - 251

Strategic role of project management offices in execution of corporate strategies in state agencies in Kenya; Choge James Kipruto; Inter. J. Acad. Stud; 3(11):(2017)227-251

With escalating global competition, rapid advancement in technologies and complex operating environments, C-suite executives in public, private and multinational corporations will increasingly need to call on their PMOs to ensure that all project activities are aligned with the overall strategic vision of the organization. During the time of economic uncertainty, many of the changes in globalization and increase in adoption of e-commerce will revolve around the principles and bottom-line results that can guarantee successful implementation of corporate strategies. Today, many public organizations in Kenya are saddled with challenges that are associated with execution of corporate strategies. Critical analysis show that there has been a glaring disconnect of strategic alignment between corporate strategic objectives and the projects earmarked for achieving the desired strategic goals. Most of the projects earmarked for achieving the desired strategic goals in state agencies in Kenya are fraught with risks missed deadlines, cost overruns, quality compromises, failed strategic objectives and scope creep. The study aimed at establishing the role of project management offices in execution of corporate strategies in state agencies in Kenya and considered Communities of Practice Theory. The current study employed descriptive survey design. The study equally adopted both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to establish the associations predictor and the response variables respectively. The study focused on total target population of 204 employees in 10 state agencies in Kenya. The sample size of the study was 133 respondents from 10 state agencies. R-Squared value was used to estimate the goodness of fit of the conceptual model. The results showed a R-Squared value of 79.0% indicating adequate goodness of fit. The results of data analysis showed that project management offices have key significant effect on execution of corporate strategies. The findings of the current study will assist practitioners, stakeholders, governing bodies, and management in taking their organization’s strategy execution process to the next level, they must establish PMOs to achieve desired strategic goals.

Key words:
 Project Management Offices, Project Management, Strategy, Execution, Corporate.

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