Content Vol. 3 N 10, 2017

Pages 197 - 226

Effect of strategic leadership skills on strategy execution in the airline industry in Kenya; Ole Mapelu Zakayo; Inter. J. Acad. Stud; 3(10):(2017)197-226

The airline industry in Kenya is run by several airline companies including those operating international routes, regional and local routes. The industry has become very competitive as more and more airline companies launched their operations. The airlines industry is expected to play a pivotal role by utilizing the flagship infrastructural projects to steer Kenya’s economy towards a middle-income level as envisaged in vision 2030. Examining strategy through the lens of leadership focuses the current study on the critical roles that a leader must undertake in the process of strategy execution. Leadership skills is perceived and widely described as one of the key drivers of effective strategy execution. The main objective of this study was to determine the effect of strategic leadership skills on strategy execution in the airline industry in Kenya. The study tested the null hypothesis that; Strategic leadership skills do not have a significant effect on strategy execution in the airline industry in Kenya. The total target population were 4560 employees from 16 airlines in Kenya. A total of 354 respondents from 16 airlines formed the sample size for the study. The study adopted descriptive survey design was. Primary and secondary data was collected for analysis. Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect primary data alongside evaluation reports that were obtained for the secondary data on strategy execution. The data collected was then analysed by both descriptive and inferential statistical tools. Quantitative data was then presented using statistical techniques including tables while qualitative data was presented using charts, graphs, and percentages. The general findings showed that strategic leadership skills in strategy execution is key. The study revealed that conceptual skills, technical competence, strategic management skills and intuitiveness of the leader were found to be critical ingredients in enhancing business strategy execution in any industry. The study recommends that the leaders in the airline industry should adopt and enhance their strategic leadership skills. The current study findings are aimed at benefiting the policy makers in the airline industry, the government of Kenya and the scholars.

Key words:
 Strategy Execution, Airlines, Leadership, Skill.

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