What is peer reviewing?

It’s the assessment of the quality and validity of another author’s work by two persons within the same area of expertise.

Why peer reviewing?

Peer reviewers play an important role in all stages of the accreditation / indexation process. They are responsible for assuring that a journal is complying with the Criteria for Accreditation / indexation as well as for helping a journal to advance within the context of its own mission.

How to be a reviewer with IJAS?

Send your CV by email to reviewer@ijacademicstudies.com; the title of the email should be “Reviewer proposition CV”. Please specify clearly your title (Prof., Ass. Prof., Sen. Lec., Lec. Or Dr.), Department, University, Country and Gender (if picture not included).
To be IJAS reviewer, you should have a PhD and 10 released manuscripts in indexed journals or 6 manuscripts as correspondent author.
IJAS editorial board will study your CV. If accepted, you will be notified within six working days maximum. Your name will appear in editorial board page.
All reviewers have an initial appointment of two years.
Appointment renewal depends on quality of feedback and on providing proof of training / updating of acknowledgement during the last appointment period.

What should reviewers’ abide by?

Reviewers of International Journal of Academic Studies should be aware that:
  •     Through their report, they assist the editor to decide whether or not the article will be published.
  •     The overall opinion and general observations made about to the article communicated to the author by the editor will help improve the paper quality.
  •     Courteous and constructive comments on the report should not include any personal remarks or personal details including reviewer’s name.
  •     If they feel unqualified to review the research reported in a manuscript or if they know that its prompt review will be impossible, the editor should be notified.
  •     Articles and any document sent for review should be treated as confidential; they must not be shown to, or discussed with others unless authorized by the editor.
  •     The editor should be notified about any substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published paper of which the reviewer have personal knowledge.
  •     Unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted paper must not be used by the reviewer in his/her own research without the express written consent of the author.
  •     Privileged information or ideas obtained through peer review must be kept confidential and not used by the reviewer for personal advantage.
  •     They should decline any papers in which they have conflict of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with any of the authors, companies, or institutions connected to the paper. 
  •     They should respect steps indicated in “Reviewer Guidelines”.
  •     Their full name, affiliation and country will appear in the website of the journal.
  •     Honorarium is delivered only if reviewed research paper is released in International Journal of Academic Studies in accordance with “honorarium procedure” sent to reviewers.

Reviewers have to read, understand and agree to abide by International Journal of Academic Studies Reviewers Code of Ethics.

What shall I do when I receive an article?

You should either accept or decline the proposition of reviewing.
Before you accept or decline, please consider the following aspects:

  •     From the title and abstract of the article, determine if it matches with your area of expertise. Only accept if you feel you can provide a high quality review.
  •     Do you have a potential conflict of interest? Disclose this to the editor.
  •     Do you have enough time for reviewing process?
  •     Whether you agree to review or not, please respond to the invitation as soon as you can. Delay in decision slows down the overall editing process.
  •     If you decide to decline the invitation, please provide suggestions for alternative reviewers you think they can provide a high quality review.
  •     If you decide to review the anonymous article, you will receive report form to fulfill with you remarks and recommendation about the manuscript.

What is the peer-review process?

What will I get in return?

Reviewers will receive the “Appointment Letter” from IJAS of two years as “IJAS - Reviewer” that you can add to your CV. Reviewers’ names and contacts become available on the journal website (http://www.ijacademicstudies.com/p/editorialboard.html). “Review Attestation” is also provided, on demand, for each paper reviewed (even if the reviewer recommends the rejection of the paper).

Please, click here to download "Reviewer Guidelines" then send your CV to:


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