In conformity with the principle of “peer reviewing”, actually International Journal of Academic Studies is recruiting reviewers. If you are interested, please read the following:

How to be a reviewer with IJAS? 

  • To be IJAS reviewer, you should have a PhD and 10 released manuscripts in indexed journals or 6 manuscripts as correspondent author.
  • IJAS editorial board will study your CV. If accepted, you will be notified within six working days maximum. “Reviewers Code of Ethics” will be send to you to sign and turn back to the journal. Your name will appear in editorial board page.
  • All reviewers have an initial appointment of two years.
  • Appointment renewal depends on quality of feedback and on providing proof of training / updating of acknowledgement during the last appointment period.

What will I get in return?
Reviewers will receive:

  • An appointment letter from IJAS as “Qualified Reviewer” that you can add to your CV.
  • A reduction of 40% off from processing fees in manuscript where reviewer participates as correspondent author and 20% off in case of participating as author.
  • An honorarium for each review conducted. The honorarium varies with the type of review and duration of response, and it is conducted only to reviewers that IJAS ask their service and not to reviewers suggested by authors.

For more details, please read our "Reviewers' guideline".

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